Calling all POC witch/pagan/magical practitioners


I am creating a directory of POC witch/pagan/magical folks. I felt the one going around was lacking diversity. Anyhow, if you would like to be included in this directory please message me with your blog name/name (optional), and what kind of things you practice or are interested in. 

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Anonymous: "if i am white, are things like smudging and crystal healing considered cultural appropriation? and with smudging, if it is culturally appropriative, are there certain things that you can smudge with as to make it not bad for white people to do? i'm very curious about them but i don't want to participate in something i shouldn't be."


Short answer: yes, it’s cultural appropriation.

Long answer: There’s no real way to make it “not bad” unless you’re learning smudging from native people (I can’t speak to crystal healing; can one of the other mods?), and even then it’s very touchy. I know the pagan/New Age community has really picked up smudging as a “thing” but it’s cultural appropriation, plain and simple. And it’s often taught with wrong, mixed-together, badly-understood practices. I have seen weird amalgams of practices that make me shake my head in disbelief.

I always encourage people to look into their own culture’s practices. There may be cleansing rituals from your ancestral cultures that speak to you; I personally tend to use a mixture of smudging and Celtic rituals (usually involving salt) to honor both sides of my ancestry. The irony here is, I grew up with smudging and learned about the Celtic practices as an adult.

And this actually speaks to why this is a problem: most white people who smudge talk about “ancient wisdom” and such as if smudging is not a living, breathing practice. And, moreover, as if “ancient wisdom” is only to be found among those poor, tragic cultures that were “destroyed” by the white people. Why do you feel you need to turn to us, instead of looking to your own culture?

Again, I can’t speak to crystal healing. Anyone else?

—Mod Ari


The most racist time of the year is upon us!

  • Celebrate Genocide of POC Day (Columbus Day)
  • Celebrate This Genocide By Dressing As The POC That Were Slaughtered In Order For My White Privilege To Exist Day/Night (Halloween)
  • Give Thanks To My White Ancestors That Drove The Native Americans To Extinction So I Can Live Here (Thanksgiving)


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Lumière Brothers - The Serpentine Dance (c.1899)

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