i can’t believe this, i thought what we had was special. you met my family and made me dinner. now all of a sudden you claim you’re a “waiter” and you’re just “doing your job”


the moon was pretty in the morning.


Wallace falls, WA

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Online shop who sell inspired/ vintage 60’s, 70’s, 80’s (hippy, mod…) inspired clothes:


I know how hard it is to find vintage or inspired vintage clothes so I decided to make this list of my favorite online shop where you can find groovy clothes (sorry for my bad english) hope it will help you ! :) :

Pop Boutique : my favorite, they sell awesome vintage inspired clothes and cute 60’s inspired dresses ! (x, x)

Modcloth : If you’re from Europe and can’t buy in the USA like me don’t click on this link because it will break your heart in two since it’s probably one of the place best of internet where you can’t find awesome vintage inspired clothes ! (x)

Nasty Gal : Same as Modcloth, with a vintage section, really cool hippy inspired clothes and hot band t-shirt ! (x)

Dahlia : pretty and original vintage inspired clothes, awesome dresses and shirt, one of my favorite :) (it’s a bit expensive but original !) (x)

Cooperative (from Urban Outfitters) : they sell awesome vintage inspired clothes like shirts and collar dresses and shirts, a bit expensive. (x)

Waiste : they sell awesome vintage clothes (from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s) for a very great price, cute kimonos and hippy jewels ! (x)

Ark : Here they sell cute mod collar dresses for a cheap price ! (x)

Minkpink : Awesome hippy inspired clothes, a bit expensive. (x,x,x)

Motel : Cool vintage inspired clothes, a bit expensive but original ! (x)

MissGuided: You can find really cool vintage inspired clothes like dresses with flowers, collar, hat, skirts, kimono… (x)

Boohoo : Same as missguided (x)

Share and feel free to add more :) 

(hope you like it)